Welcome to my world!

I am a curious scientist and an entrepreneur passionate about finding solutions that could have huge impacts on people’s lives. I have studied and worked in several countries around the world in different fields such as Neuroscience, Biomedical Engineering, and AI.

I have formed start-ups around assessing and improving human health. My current company, △△▽△△, is building a first-of-its-kind platform that can revolutionize many markets such as hearables, AR glasses, VR headsets, medical devices, and more. AAVAA allows users to enhance the sounds they are paying attention to, and have seamless, hands-free, and voice-free control of their virtual or real environments using their gaze, subtle commands, and more, enabling the “Internet-of-Humans”. 

In my previous venture, AiFriend, I developed solution prototypes to monitor and enhance the mental and physical health of seniors, from a companion robo-chatbot to a wearable vital tracker.

Alongside my passion for science and technology, I have pursued my love for art, from composing songs to writing collections of short stories and poems.