My Biography

Naeem Komeilipoor

I am an engineer, scientist, and entrepreneur, driven by my passion for using technology to solve real-world problems and create a positive impact on people’s lives. My expertise in different fields such as Neuroscience, Biomedical Engineering, and AI, combined with my global experience, has given me a versatile perspective and skill set.

My passion for empowering humanity has led me to launch start-ups, including my current venture, △△▽△△, which is focused on building devices that empower people with disabilities. Through our groundbreaking platform, AAVAA, we are revolutionizing a range of markets, from assistive technology, hearables, AR glasses to medical devices and beyond. With AAVAA, users can effortlessly control their virtual and real environments using subtle commands like blinks, facial gestures, and head and gaze movements.

Alongside my passion for science and technology, I am a lover of the arts and philosophy. I enjoy exploring the intricacies of human existence and expressing my creativity through music composition, writing short stories, and poetry.