I love learning new things and applying them to real-life problems. I believe that the solution to many difficult problems lies at an intersection of different fields. The problems I am currently tackling require rigorous scientific and technological advancements in Neuroscience, Artificial Intelligence, Biomedical Engineering, Material Science, Biology, Physics, and Blockchain.

I am currently the Founder and Chief Technology Officer of AAVAA, a Montréal-based start-up founded in 2019.

AAVAA fuses cutting-edge advances in Neuroscience, AI, Advanced Audio, Embedded Systems, Industrial Design, Material Science, and more, to give everyone the power to seamlessly control their auditory environment. Our proprietary IP and patent portfolio leverages our own and licensed research from world-leading universities.

AAVAA’s software platform can be implemented in virtually all current audio and visual enhancement form factors such as hearing aids, earbuds, headphones, noise-cancelers, AR/VR sets, and more, and we have substantive discussions underway with several major consumer electronic companies to integrate our software into their devices.

I previously founded, AiFriend, a Montréal-based start-up to monitor the mental and physical health of elderly people. AiFriend received acclaim from several organizations including the Ministry of Health and Social Services.